About the University


With 50 years of development, LNUTCM has established its own educational characteristics, strong in cultivating medical talents for international communication, for experimental and clinical innovation, and for the succession of traditional Chinese medicine. LNUTCM is one of examination centers responsible for National TCM Practitioner Certification Examination. LNUTCM is also the National Training Base for TCM-Specialized English, the Branch Center of National Databases and Retrieval System of TCM Literature, and the base of International TCM Cooperation. In addition, LNUTCM is the clinical research base for developing key technology in new TCM medicine authorized by The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and the national organization for clinical trial of medicine certified by State Food and Drug Administration of the People’s Republic of China. LNUTCM is the education and examination center of WFAS in Liaoning Province and the key institution for Examination and Assessment Preparatory Committee of WFCMS. Furthermore,   LNUTCM is one of the Chinese universities which are first authorized to recruit international students as well as students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and which take international students with scholarship awarded by the Chinese government. LNUTCM is also the national base for TCM clinical research. Liaoning Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in 2013.  
LNUTCM has six disciplines, namely Medicine, Science, Engineering, Management, Arts and Law, 20 undergraduate programs with an enrollment of over 10,000 students. There are 17 colleges and schools, 4 directly affiliated hospitals, 2 teaching departments, 2 experiment & teaching centers, 3 research institutes, 2 libraries and 4 museums in the university. LNUTCM has 1 state key discipline, 26 state key TCM disciplines approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 7 provincial key disciplines, 6 provincial-level disciplines in the project of “Constructing Characteristic Disciplines for Upgrading the Competitiveness of Higher Education Institutions”, 3 provincial first-class featured disciplines, 21 provincial key TCM disciplines, 3 post-doctoral research centers, 3 first-class disciplines authorized to grant doctorate degrees (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese pharmacy, integration of Chinese and Western medicine), 17 second-class disciplines authorized to grant doctorate degrees(including 1 professional doctorate degree authorization), 3 first-class disciplines authorized to grant master degrees, 24 second-class disciplines authorized to grant master degrees(including 5 professional master’s degree authorization).
The four affiliated hospitals of LNUTCM are respectively named Liaoning Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liaoning Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute, Liaoning Coloproctological Hospital and Liaoning Integrated TCM and Western Medicine Hospital. There are altogether 11 key clinical specialties appointed by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 20 key clinical specialties appointed by Ministry of Public Health (as well as 1 fostering project and 1 construction base for TCM & Western medicine integrative emergency treatment supported by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine), and 31 provincial key clinical specialties. LNUTCM also has 6 indirectly affiliated hospitals and 40 hospitals or so for clinical teaching and practicing.
LNUTCM has 1 “973 Plan” chief scientist, 1 national TCM master, 2 national outstanding teachers, 20 outstanding TCM physicians, 31 national veteran TCM experts as mentors training talents for the succession of TCM expertise. One is selected to “Liaoning Province Academician Alternates Traning Project”, 11 provincial outstanding teachers, and 47 provincial level known TCM doctors. In addition, there are 3 members nominated in the national project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents”, 44 experts who receive special national government allowances, 4 middle-aged and young experts awarded by Ministry of Public Health for their outstanding contributions, 5 provincial level outstanding professors, 2 provincial climbing scholars, 2 provincial leading talents, 13 provincial excellent experts, 28 in the Hundred class and 40 in the Thousand class of the provincial project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents”, and 8 city level excellent teachers. 
All hard work has been rewarded with success. LNUTCM has never stopped its effort of reaching its best with the principle of “Striving for the best rather than the largest” and the strategy of “Developing the University with strong disciplines, energizing the University with talents, and flourishing the University with science and technology”. Through adhering to the collaborative development of talent training, scientific reasearch, community service and cultural inheritance and innovation, and comprehensively enhancing its own construction of academic culture, LNUTCM has shaped its own characteristics and competitiveness, which has played an important role in revitalizing the traditional Liaoning industrial base and making immense contributions in the cause of inheriting and developing traditional Chinese medicine. LNUTCM has been steadily stepping with great strides towards a top level teaching-and-research TCM university.
International Education College (IEC) at LNUTCM specifically offers TCM education for international students, and it is responsible for recruiting, enrolling, teaching and managing international students. In addition, IEC offers regular degree programs, professional training programs related to TCM in various forms, and different levels of Chinese language training programs.
After more than ten years of exploration and development, IEC has achieved a rapid growth not only in the scale of international students, but also in terms of the quality of its education.
Until now, more than 5,000 international students from Korea, Japan, U.S.A, Australia, Russia and other regions or countries, have graduated from IEC with various kinds of diplomas, degrees and certificates in different programs. IEC at UNUTCM warmly welcomes the students, the researches and the colleagues from all over the world who are interested in TCM for visiting, learning, exchanging, and cooperating.