Campus Life @ LINTCM
In each semester, LNUTCM arranges a variety of extracurricular activities for international students, including tourism, sports, skiing, Christmas party, photography contests, etc. In addition, some regular activities are also been organized by the university to meet different students’ needs, so that the students who are form different countries and regions with different interests hobbies, cultural backgrounds and ages are able to communicate and share experiences with each other. Meanwhile, the campus is well equipped with sports facilities.
Where the LNUTCM’s campus located - Shenyang City is one of the safest cities in China, known as "China's happiest cities", and the higher cost of living in China's cities. Therefore, the choice of LNUTCM is equivalent to choose a safe and inexpensive study place.

The teaching building, dormitory, shops, hospitals are placed inside or nearby the campus. Students are enjoying the fun and convenience at LNUTCM.