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The visiting to Liaoning Science and Technology Museum
发布时间:2015-12-01      发布人:国际教育学院


In order to enrich our international students’ the cultural lives after school and  promote their understandings in the development of science and technology in China, the International Education College has organized 80 international students to visit Liaoning Science and Technology Museum on November 27,2015. Our international students are from Thailand, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Finland, Korea, Yemen, Russia and other countries.
Liaoning Science and Technology Museum is one of the key cultural projects in Liaoning province. It is a comprehensive museum which combines the elements of science education, scientific and technological exchanges, leisure and tourism. In the life science and technology hall, our students experienced the ways of healthy life and improved their knowledges in life science, health, diet, exercise and medical care etc. In the industry hall and the discovery hall, our students not only focused more on the rapid development of Chinese science and technology and brilliant achievements, but also got the opportunity to learn the history of Liaoning’s industrial development and its outstanding achievements in the field of traditional industries.